Kyrie, Gloria

Section 1: [Kyrie]

Part 11: Soprano

C:Carvalho, Jo\~ao de Sousa (1745-1798)
V: 11 clef=tenor1 name="Soprano" sname="S."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [[ 11 ]]
% p.7 (fol.2v)
[Q:"Allegro con spirito"]
z/ | Z23 | c2 B2| c z z2 | \
w: Kyri--e
% p.8 (fol.3)
c>c B>B| c/> c/ c z2| "^Solo" c4| c2 d e/f/|^d/> e/ "^Tutti" e z c| c4 | \
w: Kyrie---e-lei_son      e-le-----ison-- ele--
% p.9 (fol.3v)
c B c z| "^Solo" c4| c2 d e/f/|^d/> e/ e z "^Tutti" c|c2 e2| c4 | \
w: --ison e-le-----ison--  e-le--------
% p.10 (fol.4)
c2 B c| B g2 e| d>B c c | B z e c| d B c>c| B g/d/ e e | \
w: ----e--le--i--son Kyri--e elei---son- e-- lei--
% p.11 (fol.4v)
d d/B/ c c| B z z z/ "^Solo" d/| (d2d/)B/d/B/| (A/c/B/d/) c z| {d}c B/A/ {d}c B/A/| (B/d/c/e/) d z| {e}d c/B/ {e}d c/B/ | \
w: son elei----son  ele----------
% p.12 (fol.5)
A z z2| "^Tutti" z d/c/ B/d/B/G/| ^F>G A A| B z/ d/ e e|d g/=f/ e/g/e/c/| B2 c2| d2 c2 | \
w: son  ele---------ison -e l e ison   ele---
% p.13 (fol.5v)
B d/B/ c2| B2 A A| B z "^Solo" e (c/e/)| d (B/d/) {d}(c B/)A/| B z e (c/e/)| d B/d/ {d}c B/ A/| B z z2 | \
w: son ele-----ison--e---le-----ison--e---le------ison
% p.14 (fol.6)
Z| "^Tutti" B4| A2 A2| B z z2| z2 c2| B4| A2 A2| B z "^forte"d>d | \
w: e-le-ison-- e le--ison-- Kyri-
% p.15 (fol.6v)
c2 e>e| d d c A| B2 B2| A2 A2| B d/B/ A A| B d/B/ A A| G z z2 | \
w: e Kyri--e elei---son e-lei--son elei----son eleison- 
% p.16 (fol.7)
Z|Z|Z|Z|Z|B2 A2| B z z2 | \
w: Kyri--e
% p.17 (fol.7v)
B>B A>A| B/> B/ B z2| z2 "^Solo" z/(d/e/=f/)| ^d/> e/ e z/(A/B/c/)| ^A/> B/ B z "^Tutti" d| c d c A|B z B>B | \
w: Kyri--e e-lei--son e----lei---son e-lei--son ele----i-son 
% p.18 (fol.8)
c2 f>f| c z z2| "^Solo" c4|c2 G2| G z "^Tutti" c2| c2 e2 | \
w:e Kyri--e e-lei--son 
% p.19 (fol.8v)
c4| c2 c2| B g e c|B g e c| B z !fermata!z2 || 
w: --i-son elei---son e--lei son
[Q:"Andantino"] [M:2/4] [K:Bb] Z|Z| 
% p.20 (fol.9)
Z5 | "^Solo" z/ g/ e/ =B/ | c/> c/ c/ z/ | \
w: Christe--e--leison 
% p.21 (fol.9v)
z z/ c/| c//f//_a//g// f//e//d//c//| =B/> B/ B/ d/| {d}c//> c// c/ z| Z|Z| (B//>G//) B/ z/ B/| \
w: ele----------ison-- ele--ison  Christe e--
% p.22 (fol.10)
B/> _A/ A/ z/| A//>F// A/ z//(A//c//A//)|A/> G/ G/ z/ | z z/ B/|B//e//g//f// e//d// c//B//|{d/}A/> A/ A/ "_[spurious rest;in ms]" A/| A//d//f//e// d//c// B//A//| \
w: leison--- Christe e----- leison ---ele--------ison----ele---
% p.23 (fol.10v)
G/ e G/| G/> F/ F/z/ |"^forte".B/ .B/ z| .d/ .c/ z| Z|Z|"^piano" z G/ G// F//|E z/ c/| \
w: ----ison--Chrite-- christe--  eleison----e-
% p.24 (fol.11)
"^tempo primo"c G/ G/ || [M:C] [K:C] G z z2| Z|Z|Z| "^Tutti" c2 B2|c z z2| \
w: le--i-son    Ky-rie-
% p.25 (fol.11v)
c>c B>B|c/> G/ G z2|c4|c3 A|G g/f/ e/d/e/c/|B/c/ d e2| \
w: Kyrie----eleison---   e-le--ison ele----
% p.26 (fol.12)
d2 c2|B c c B| c z z2| Z|c/> G/ G z2| Z| \
w: --ison elei---son Ky-ri-e
% p.27  (fol.12v)
c/> G/ g z2|Z|"^piano"c4|c2 B2|c z z2|z2 G2|G z c z| A z "_[check ms]" [BG] z| \
w:Kyrie --e--lei-son ele----i
% p.28 (fol.13)
G z "^forte" _B> _B|A2 c> c|=B c c B|c e2 c|c d2 B|c c B d|c c B B| \
w: son  Kyri--e Kyrie--- elei---son--ele---ison elei----son elei-
% p.29 (fol.13v)
c z z2|Z|Z |] \

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