Demetrio a Rodi

Section 13: Scena 7.a

Part 19: Demetrio

T:Scena 7.a
C:Pugnani, Gaetano (1731-1798)
V: 19 clef=tenor name="Demetrio" sname="Dem."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [[ 19 ]]
%----------------- edit between the lines ------------
   Z21 | "_[sic]" z2 | z2 z \
   ^C/ C/ | ^A,/ A,/ z/ ^F,/ B,/ B,/ B,/ B,// ^C// | A,// A,// A,// A,// A,/ ^G,// A,// ^F,// F,// A,/ A,// A,// B,// ^F,// | ^G,/ G,/ G,/ A,// B,// B,/ E,/ z/
w: Prin-ci-pes-sa mia spe-me, i dol-ci mo-di, Che te-co u-sai fi-no-ra, Sei d'ob-bli-ar ca-pa-ce'ed al mio a-mo-re
   B,/ | E/ ^D/ ^C/ B,/ ^A, z//E// E// ^A,//| B,/ B,/ z3 | Z3 | z3 \
w: In-gra-to esser po-tr\`a quel tuo bel co-re?
   A,/ G,// A,// | ^F,/ F,/ F,/ F,// G,// A,/ A,// A,// A,/ G,// A,// | ^F,// F,// A,// B,// C/ C// D// B, z | Z | \
w: Un'al-ma sag-gia al va-riar del-le vi-cen-de u-ma-ne Can-gia af-fet-ti,~e pen-sier. 
   A,/ A,/ z3 | Z5 | z2 z/ \
w: Par-la.
   G,/ G,/ ^F,/ | A,/ A,/ z/ A,// B,// C C/ D/ | B,/ B,/ z/ D/ D/ B,/z || \
w: ne par-ti'an-co-ra vo sa-per i tuoi sen-si e po-i
   Z11|z z/ G,/ G,/ G,/ G,/ A,/| =B,/ B,/ z D D// D// B,// G,//|D z3|Z1| \
w: e for-se del dis-prez-zo figlio qu-el tuo ta-cer
   z/ ^C/ C/ _B,/ A,// A,// A,// C// C/ C// D//|_B,/ B,/ z3|Z5|| \
w: Se~un solo istan-te a cre-der-lo gi-un-ge-ssi(?)
    [Q:"Allegro"] [K:Eb] [L:1/4] z | Z28 | z2 z A,| _D3 A,| E3 _G,|G,F,z_D| C>_D C>D|A,A,z_D|C>_D C>D|{B,}A,A,zB,|{B,}=A,>C C>E|\
w: Per-chè tra-dir spie-ta-ta gli~af-fet-ti del cor mi-o per-chè tra-dir spie-ta-ta gli~af-fet-ti del cor 
w: mi-o per-chè tra-dir spie-ta-ta spie-ta-ta
   B,B,/>B,/B,B,|CCz2|B,B,/> B,/B,>B,|DDz2|z2 zF|F>F, F,>F,|FFz2|B,2z2|DD/> D/DG,|Cz3|Cz3|Ez3|CC/> C/CF,|B,zzD| \
w: Ah più ti-ran-no fa-to, ah più ti-ran-no fa-to, un co-re~in-na-mo-ra-to nò, nò, non pro-vò fi-nor nò, nò, nò, non pro-vò fi-nor ah
   E>E F>F&x3x/F,/|GGzF&G,G,x2|E>E F>F&x3x/F,/|GGzF&G,G,x2|E>EE=E|F2z2|zC=A,F,|Z|zC=A,F,| \
w: più ti-ran-no fa-to un co-re~in-na-mo-ra-to nò, non pro-vò fi-nor in-gra-ta spie-ta-ta
   z2zB,|B,B,B,B,|B,/F,/D,zB,|B,B,B,B,|B,/>F,/D,z2|zC=A,F,|Z|zC=A,z|z3D|D>DD>D|EEz2| \
w: ah,***************in-gra-ta cru-del
   EE/> E/FF|B,/C/ D/C/ B,/A,/ G,/F,/|E,E/> E/FF|B,2D2|E3E|F4|F,4|B,zz2|Z|!fermata!Z|| \
w:****fi-nor*nò*non*pro - vò non pro-vò fi-nor no non pro-vò fi-nor
   [M:2/4]!fermata!Z|Z15|zz/C/|{C}=B,/> D/ D/> F/|(^D//>E//) E/ z/ E/|D/> D/ D/> D/|{E}Dz/D/|(E//C//)( F//D//) (D//C//) (D//=B,//)| \
w: per-chè tiran-no a-mo - re non hai di me pie-tà non ha-i di*me* pi-e- 
   Cz/F/|F/> F,/ F,/ F,/|F,/ F,/ z/ F,/|C/> C/ C/> C/|C/ C/ !fermata!E|F// F// !fermata!z/ C/> C/|D/ D/ !fermata!z/ F,/| \
w: tà ne mai pie-to-si De-i La pa-ce che per-de-i La pa-ce che per-de-i per
   B,/> B,/ C/ C/|F,>F,|B,/> B,/ C/ C/||[M:C]F,zz2|Z3|=A,A,/> A,/ A,> A,|B,/> B,/ B,z2|Z3| \
w: me ri-tor-ne-rà per me ri-tor-ne-rà Ces-si l'os-cu-ro tur-bi-ne
   =D D/> D/ D> D|E/> E,/ E,zE|=D3E|=D3E|_C>CCC|=B,B,,z2|Z|z2zB,|B,>B,D>D|EB,zB,|B,>B,D>D|Ez3| \
w: Ces-se l'os-cu-ro tur-bi-ne che m'em-pie di spa-ven-to di spa-ven-to e~i tris-ti gior-ni mi-ei or mi-nac-cian-do và
   G,G,/> G,/G,G,|A,A,z2|A,A,/> A,/A,=A,|B,B,/> B,/G,E,|B,z3|Z| \
w: e~i tris-ti gior-ni mi-ei or mi-nac-cian-do và mi-nac-cian-do và
   CC/> C/C>E|D/> D/ D/ z/ D/D D/|E/> E,/ E,z2|Z|CC/> C/ C>E|DDD>D|EEzF,|E=B,CG,|A,A,z2| \
w: Ces-si l'os-cu-ro tur-bi-ne l'os-cu-ro tur-bi-ne che m'em-pie di spa-ven-to di spa-ven-to e~i tris-ti gior-ni mi-ei 
   A,A,/> A,/B,B,|E,B,B,/E/ G/E/|B,(B,3|B,)B,B,/E/ G/E/|B,B,3|Z| \
w: or mi-nac-cian-do và i tris - ti*gior-ni*i gior - ni*mi-ei
   zC E//D//C//B,// A,//G,//F,//E,//|D,D,z2|z2G,2|A,3A,|B,2B,2|EB,B,/E/ G/E/|B,(B,3|B,)B,B,/E/ G/E/|B,(B,B,2)|Z| \ 
w: or mi - - - nac - - - cian-do or mi-nac-cian-do và i tris - ti*gior-ni*i gior - ni*mi-e-i
   zC E//D//C//B,// A,//G,//F,//E,//|D,D,z2|z2G,2|A,3A,|B,2B,2|E4|A,A,/> A,/ B,>D|E4| \
w: or mi - - - nac - - - cian-do or mi-nac-cian-do và or mi-nac-cian-do và
   A,A,/> A,/B,>D|E2G,2|A,2A,2|B,4|B,4|Fz3|Z3|]
w: or mi-nac-cian-do và or mi-nac-cian-do và.

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