Demetrio a Rodi

Section 18: Scena 4.a

Part 1: Corno in D (Re) I

T:Scena 4.a
C:Pugnani, Gaetano (1731-1798)
V: 1 clef=alto name="Corno in D (Re) I" sname="Cor.I"
%%MIDI program 1 69
%%staves [( 1 )]
   Z16 | "[sic]" z2 | Z9  "Segue" || \
[Q:"Allegro assai"] [K:Bb] Z10  "Rondo" || \
[M:2/4] [K:C treble] [Q:"Larghetto"] c2 | (cc/)z/ | c2 | (cc/)z/ | z2 | z d| ez | (dd/)z/ | \
   c2|c2-|c2|c-c/z/|Z|z(d|e)z|zG|G/z/z|Z3|c2|Z2|z//c//c//c// c|c/z/z|\
   zz/z//c//|c/ z/x/z//c//|g/ z/z/z//g//|d/ z/z/z//d//|d/ z/z/z//d//|d/z/z| Z6|\
   z//>G//G//>G// G/z/ | z//>G//G//>G// G/!fermata!z/|G!fermata!z||\
[Q:"Allegro"] [M:C] c2cc|c2cc|czz2|zccc|zccc|c2cc|c2cc|czz2|\
   GGGG|GGG!fermata!z|c4|czz2|Z2|z/c/c/c/ cz|Z2|z2ed|z/c/c/c/ cz|z/c/c/c/ cz|Z|czcz|dzdz|czz2|Z2|\
   e2d2|czcd|ezcc|cc/>c/cc|ccdd|cccz |] 

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