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João de Sousa Carvalho (22 February 1745 – 1798) was the foremost Portuguese composer of his generation. His numerous church works are written in a style similar to that of Niccolò Jommelli and, sometimes, Haydn. Several of his opere serie and serenatas were performed at the royal palaces of Ajuda and Queluz. Some of his keyboard music survives and is occasionally played today. (From the Wikipedia)



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[S1] Andante
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[P1] Oboe I
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[P2] Oboe II
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[P3] Corno I
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[P4] Corno II
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[P5] Violini I
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[P6] Violini II
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[P7] Viole
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[P8] Alto solo
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[P9] Basso
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