Gloria, Fama, Virtu

Section 2: Fama

Part 11: Fama

C:Antonio Teixeira (1707-1774)
V: 11 clef=alto1 name="Fama" sname="Fa."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [ 11 ]
[L:1/8] z d d2  d B/ A/ B B | d2 g d/ e/ c2z2| c c> A B/ c/ ^F2 F2| \
w: Or-che tan-to fe-con-da di gi-oie io son Pie-ta(?) L'au-gus-ta spon-da
     c c z d B B z G | d d e f e e z e | e B B > c  d d/ d/ d B | \ 
w: bra-mo del Ta-go e'a piu su-bli-me vo-lo al-zan-do le in-de-fe-sse al-tere 
     ^G2G2z G/ A/ B ^c/ d/ | e e e2 e A A B | =G G/ G/ ^c d e e e ^c | ^A A/ B/ ^c c  \
w: piu me con la Trom-ba giu-li-na la do-ve muo-re il gior-no e do- Fe-bo la sua vam-pa an-ni-na(?)
     z ^F e/ e/ d/ ^c/ | d2d2 B B/ d/ B ^F | G> B e e/ d/ B2 B2 | \
w:  n'an-dro spar-gendo in tor-no del Lu-si-ta-no Eroe il no-me e l'o-pre
    z2 ^F> F B B/ ^c/ ^d d | ^f2 B c A A A A/ B/ | =c2 c2 e c/ c/ c B | ^G2 G2 z B B c | \
w: e se fia che men-gius-ta el-la ri suo-ni i chia-ri prez-zi e l'am-mi-ran-de im-prese po-tra allor 
     d2 d d =f f/ f/ f e | ^c c z c/ e/ A A/ _B/ G2 | e e e> f d2 d2 | A> A d d/ _e/ e2 e2 | \
w: col suo no-me il-lus-tre e gran-de ri-ve-ren-za d'es-tar  lo-de ed o-no-re che la lu-ce che span-de 
     e c/ d/ _e d _B B d ^c/ d/ | A2A2z4||
w: basta a fe-rir ogni al-ma ed o-gni co-re
[M:C|] [K:Bb] [Q: "Andante"] \
[L:1/4] z | Z24 | z2zF | B/F/ d2c | B/A/ B2G|Fe2d/c/| d/c/ B2G|Fe2d/c/ | d/c/ BzF |\
w: Un cor-- ge-ne-ro--so col lu-me che-- spa--nde col lu-me che-- span--de qual
     c2cc|cd/=e/f F | c2cc|cd/=e/fF|F2-F/G/A/B/ | c/d/c/d/ c/f/=e/d/ | !trill!c2 !trill!c2 | c/d/c/d/ c/f/=e/d/ | c=e2f -| fB2g | A/c/B/A/ B/d/c/B/ | c/=e/d/c/ d/f/=e/d/ | =efz d| cB/A/ Bc| F2z2 | \
w: stra-le nas-co--so sa ogni a-ni-ma gra--nde ve-lo-----------------------------------------------ce ve-lo---ce fe-rir
     Z12 | z2zF|B/F/ d2 c | B/A/ B2G | F!trill!e2d/c/ | d/c/ B2G | Fe2d/c/ | d/c/ BzB| f2FF| \
w: Un cor-- ge-ne-ro--so col lu-me che-- span--de col lu-me che-- span--de qual so-ra-le 
     F/=E/ F2B | f2FF| F/=E/ F2d | dc2B|BA2 \
w: nas-coso sa ogni a-ni-ma gran--de col lu-me che span-de 
     F| (3B/d/c/ B/B/ B/B/B/B/ |(3d/f/e/ d/d/ d/d/d/d/ | f>Bf>B | g/f/e/g/ f/e/d/f/ | e/d/c/e/ d/c/B/f/ | g/f/e/g/ f/e/d/f/ | e/d/c/d/ e/f/g/a/ | b a/g/ f \
w: ve-lo--------------------------------------------------------- ce 
     e | d//c// B3/2 !trill!c3/2B/| B2z2|  z2zc| _d/c/ d2=e| fFzc| _d/c/ d2=e | fFzf | _dc/B/fF| "_??" {F}!fermata!_G3 \
w: ve-lo--ce fe--rir  col lu--me che span-de sa o-gni a-nima  gran-de ve-lo---ce fe-rir  
     !f!e | =dc/B/fF| B2z2 | Z12 | z3 || \
w: ve-lo---ce fe-rir 
     d | g2 G/A/ B/c/ | dDzd| =BB2B| c/d/_e2d| ^cc2c| dA !trill!A2| f/=e/ d2c| =BG2B| c/d/e2 \
w: il ciel che-- l'a--ccen-de con nuo-vo splen-do--re l'an-ti-co suo ar-do-----------re 
     G| cd/e/dc| B//A// G3/2 dB | c//B// A3/2 ec| d//c// B3/2fd| ed2c|^fg \
w: piu gra-to gli ren---------------------de 
     zd| BA/G/dD|G3e| d//c// B3/2 !trill!A3/2G/|G3 ||
w: d'un no---bile ar-dir d'un no---bile ar-dir.

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Text needs a lot of checking!

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