Gloria, Fama, Virtu

Section 6: Virtu

Part 12: Virtu

C:Antonio Teixeira (1707-1774)
V: 12 clef=alto name="Virtu" sname="Vi."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [ 12 ]
   z E A> ^G A2 A A/ ^G/ | A2 z ^G G ^D z D | ^D D D E ^F2 F F/ ^G/ | ^E E z \ 
w: Il-lus-tri Dee: ben gius-to fia che'il no-me de Lu-si-ta' a roa(?) lun-gi si sten-da
   ^C ^E E E ^F | ^G ^G ^G A ^F F z ^C |A ^B {B}A {G}^F ^D D z/ ^F/ F/ ^G/ | E E z2 \
w: (?)' ogni piu ri-mo-to es-tra-nio li-do e  la de pre-gi su-oi s...?col-vi(?) il gri-do 
   zE/ E/ ^G G/ A/ | B B B B/ ^c/ ^A> A A/ A/ A/ B/ | B B \
w: on-d'ogni al-ma cui muo-ve al-to de-rio di vera e-ter-na lo-de
   z/F/ B/ F/ ^G2 G2 | G G/ G/ ^A B ^F2 ^F2 | \
w: in lui ri-mi-ri el mio po-ter com-pren-da 
    z2 z ^F ^B,> C ^F F  | F F/ ^G/ A A/ ^G/ G2 G2 | ^C C/ ^D/ ^E E ^G G/ A/ B A |  A A \
w: del tem-po'ad on-ta e dell in-ui-dia a scor-no pie-no di lo-des al-le fu-tu-re gen-ti
    z A d A ^F F | \
w: n'andra il suo no-me 
   z D A> A A A =c B | B> B G ^F D2 D2 | z8 || \
w: e fia e-ter-na al par la sua la glo-ria mia
[Q:"Allegro"][M:3/8][K:G] z | Z24  | zz d || B/>A/ G B, | G/B/A/G/c/A/ | d G B | A d F | G/>F/ G G | F B D | E/>D/ E A | F E A | F E d | B A d | B A F | G/F/ G/A/ ^B/c/ | {^c}d2z | \
w: All ira--- de ven------ti pi-u fie-ri e pos-sen-ti non ce-de l'al-lo--ro ma va-ghe le ci-me in-nal-za su-bli-me all' au--re-- ed al ciel
    zzB | G E A | !trill!D2z | Z8 | \
w: all' au-re'ed al ciel
    zzA | F/>E/ D E | F/G/F/B,/G/E/  | A D A | B d B | G/>F/ G G | A ^c A | F/>E/  F F | G/A/ B/A/ G/F/ | E/>D/ E A | F E A | F E d | B A d | B/^c/d/c/B/A/ | B/A/G/F/E/D/ | !trill!A3- | A zA| \
w: All ira--- de ven------ti pi-u fie-ri e pos-sen-ti non ce-de l'al-lo--ro ma va--ghe-- le-- ci--me in-nal-za su-bli-me all' au-re'ed al ciel-------------- non
    !trill!B,3 | B,2z |B,2z | \
w: ce-de no
    D2G | G/>A/ B c | B/A/ G G |G/>A/ B c | B/A/ G d | d/c/ B/A/ G/=F/ | {F}E2 e- | e/d/^c/B/A/G/ | F/G/A/F/E/D/ | G/A/B/G/F/E/ | A/B/c/A/G/F/ | B/>c/d G | c A d | {d}e2B| c A d | G2z |  \
w: no ma va--ghe le ci--me in-nal--za su-bli--me all' au--re e dal-- ciel----------------------------- all au-re e'dal ciel all au-re e'dal ciel
    Z11 | z2 || \
    B | G/>F/ E ^D | E/>F/ G E | c B/A/ G/F/ | G/F/ E G | F B F | E/>^D/ E c | ^D/>E/ F G | G F B | ^G G G | A/>^G/ A c | ^A A A | B/^A/B/d/^c/B/ |  !trill!^A/>^G/ F2 | .=G.F.E | BA/G/F/E/ | .D.E.F | !fermata!G2B | E ^C F | !fermata!B,2z |]
w: Un no--bi-le co--re che ser-bi--nel-- se--no vir-tu-de'ed o-no--re non lan--gue o vien meno di tem-po,o di sor--te al-li-ra cru-del--------------------- all i-ra cru-del

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