Gloria, Fama, Virtu

Section 7: [Terceto]

Part 11: Fama

C:Antonio Teixeira (1707-1774)
V: 11 clef=alto1 name="Fama" sname="Fa."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [ 11 ]
     Z6 | z2 || [L:1/8] z2zB | d d d e c c z e | ^d d z e B2 B2 [L:1/4] || Z2 | !fermata!z4  || \
w: Tal chieg-gon l'o-pre su-e tal che-de il mer-to
[Q: "Allegro"] z/ | Z11 | !fermata!zz3 | z4| z2zz/A/ | dcB//A//G3/2 | z4 | z/A/ A/ A/  A-G| e2 d/ B/ c/ B/ | cBcB| A A/ \
w: Di Bian-chi gi--gli no-bil-- co-ro-na an--dre tes-sen-do dell' E-ro-e
     d/^cf| e//d// ^c d/ e/ A/ z/ e/ | f e/> d/ g/ f//e// !trill!e | dzz2|Z4| z2zz/ \
w: L'au-gus-ta chia-----ma l'au-gus-ta l'au-gus-ta-- chia-ma
     A/| df f//d//{d}e3/2 | z2 z/ \
w: Di Bian-chi gi--gli
     d/ d/ d/ | d^c f2| dddd| d2-d/^c/c/a/| Be-e/dB/ | ^c2Bz/ \
w: no-bil co-ro---no an-drem te(?)-----------ssen(?)-do ...
     B/ | ^cd^c//d// ef/ | e//d//^cA/Be-|e/d//^c// d-d/=c/c/a/ | !trill!B/>c/ dz \
w: an-drem tes-sen--------------------do
     z/B/ | A>G{G}F>B |  Az/ \
w: an-drem tes-send--do
     A/{A}G>"_(grace note?)"F | {F}E>A GB/> B/|AA/> d/ GB| A/F//G// A/B/ A//G// AB/ | cB/G/ A2|G zz2| \
w: tes-send----do dell e-roe l'au--gus-ta chia-------------ma 
     Z10 | z3 || z | z2zz/B/ | edc//B//A3/2 | \ 
w: Col bel va-lo--re
     z2 z/ f/ f/ f/ | fe2^d | e/ e/ e/ e/ ^dB| c/B/ A B/d//c// d/B/ | A/> A/ A/ A/ d/ B/ B//c// d//B// | e \ 
w:ei si se de---gno di tan-ta glo-----------ria-a chei rag-gi span--de--ra
     z/ e/ c/ A/ A//B// c//A// | FG c/B/A/G/| FB ^Ad-|d ^c/B/ B ^A | !fermata!B4 |]  \ 
w: chei rag-gi span--de--ra dal Ta----go a Ro-------ma.

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José Nuno Oliveira, 2012/06/19 02:59

Mostly completed. Text needs major revision.

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