O vos omnes qui transitis per viam


Abott António da Costa (1714-1780?) was a Portuguese musician who, born in the Porto region, left the country around 1749 for Rome, from where he settled in Vienna, where he is thought to have died around 1780.

This motet, O vos omnes qui transitis per viam a 4 soprani con accompagnamento di 4 violini, in cm, is available from entry EE.147 in the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica, Bologna. It is mentioned by M.C. Brito in his Estudos de História da Música em Portugal (Lisbon, 1989, pp. 139-155) and analysed by Ciacchi & Dellaborra (2020), who write:

“(…) [The] annotation 'In camera', placed at the top of the score, could perhaps refer to the purpose of the piece, e.g. to its performance not necessarily within the liturgy. The instruments with their long introduction of 27 bars place the listener in a fluctuating climate, and then support the voices by doubling them. This initial part, full of melodic recordings always 'in levare' and constantly going beyond the extent of the beat, is followed by the entry in imitation of the four sopranos. And the piece continues in this 'futuristic' atmosphere of tension and continuous suspension, created by delays and rests, which also puts a strain on the rhythmic ability of the performers. (…)”

For other works by Antonio da Costa available from this platform please see this violin duet and these three violin trios.


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