Tantum Ergo, Kyrie, Gloria e Credo


João Domingos Bomtempo (1771-1842) (Wikipedia) was a Portuguese composer and virtuoso pianist. He lived in Paris and London before settling in Lisbon, where he founded a Philharmonic Society to promote public concerts of contemporary music. This mass and Tantum Ergo is his last work (1842), trusting the following annotation to the manuscript score: “Composed for the Royal Chappel of Pena in Sintra and finished a few days before the composer died”. The score is dedicated to King Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. (To be completed.)

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[S1] [Kyrie]
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[S2] Gloria
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[S3] Credo
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[S4] Sanctus
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[S5] Agnus Dei
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[S6] Tantum Ergo
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Fol 7 24 109 164 177 191
[P1] Violino I
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[P2] Violino II
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[P3] Alto
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[P4] Violoncello
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[P5] Contra B.
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[P6] Soprano
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[P7] Contralto
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[P8] Tenore
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[P9] Basso
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[P10] Corno in F/Eb (Fa/Eb) I
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[P11] Corno in F/Eb (Fa/Eb) II
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