Te Deum : a 8 voci con Strumenti

Section 1: [Orchestras]

Part 5: Violini Primo

C:Giuseppe Totti (17__-1832)
V: 5 clef=treble name="Violini Primo" sname="Vl.I"
%%MIDI program 1 40
%%staves [{ 5 }]
%----- edit between the lines ----
[Q:"Allegro com spirito"]  !f! [bB]> f [bB]> f | [bB]3 {c'}(b/a//b//) | !p! .c' .c' .a .f |\
!f! [Fdb] z [Fdb] z | [Fdb] z z2 | z4 | z !p! .b/.b/ (b/d/)(d/=e/) | (=e/f/).f/.f/ (e/f/).f/.f/ |\
(d/_e/) e z2 | z4 | z .c/.c/ (c/e/).e/.e/ | (e/g/).g/.g/ (g/c'/).c'/.c'/| c' z z2 | z4| \
!f! z [ca] [cc'] [ca] | (b/ b b b b/) & d4 | [ca] [ca] [cc'] [ca] | (b/ b b b b/) & d4 |\
a z/ (f/.A) {c}(B/A//B//) |c z/(f/.A) {c}(B/A//B//) | .c {e}(d/c//d//) .e {e}(d/c//d//) | c z z2 |\
Z2 | !f! [bB]> f [bB]> f | [d']3 b | g> d g> d | [b]3 g | =e z z/ c/c/c/ |\
d/d//=e// f//g//a//b// c' [Fca] | [=Ecg] z z/ c/c/c/ | c/d//=e// f//g//a//b// c'/ c'//b// a//g//f//=e//| \
 d z z2 | z/ d/d/d/ d/=e//f// g//a//b//c'//| !f!(d'/!p!^c'/).d'/.d'/ !f!(=c'/!p!=b/).c'/.c'/|\
!f!(=b/!p!a/).b/.b/ !f! (a/!p!^g/).a/.a/ | !f!(=g/!p!^f/).g/.g/ !f!(a/!p!^g/).a/.a/|\
!f!(b/!p!a/).b/.b/ !f!(a/^g/).a/.a/ | =g/ c'/c'/c'/ c'/=b//a// g//f//=e//d//|\
c z z2 | z [Ec=e] [Fcf] [Fcf] | [Ec=e] [Ecg] [Fca] [Fca]| [=Ecg] z z2| z4 |\
!p! A z B z | A z z B | A A A G | A z z2 | z4 | z2 !p! z/B//A// G/G//F// | =E z z2 |\
Z5 | F z z/!p!d//c// B/B//A// | G z z2 | !f! z/ f//f// a//a//f//f// =e//e//g//g// c'//c'//b//b//|\
a z z2 | z/ a//a// c'//c'//a//a// ^f//f//a//a// d'//d'//c'//c'// | b z z2|\
z3/4 (g///a/// b) z3/4 (g///a/// b) | z3/4 (a///b/// c') z3/4 (a///b/// c')|\
z3/4 (b///c'/// d') z3/4 (b///c'/// d')| c'/ !sfz! b a/ d'/ !sfz! c' =b/ |\
c'//d'//c'//=b// a2 g | f/ (g//a// .b/).b/ a/ (b//c'// .d'/).d'/| .c' z z2|\
!sfz! [Aa]/ g f/f/ !sfz! f f/ |a//b// c'/ a//b// c'/ a//b// c'/ _e//f// g/| f [Fca] [Afc'] [Fca]|[Af] [Fca] [Af] [Af]|[Af] z z2 |\
Z3 | z !p! .G .=E z |z4 | z !f! A//B//A//G// F z | Z4 | !f! [Af]> c [Af]> c | [Af]3 {g}(f/=e//f//)|\
!p! .g .g .=e .c | !f! [Af] z [Af] z | [Af] z z2| z4 | z !p! .f/.f/ (f/A/)A/A/ |\
(A/B/).B/.B/ (=B/c/).c/.c/ | (c/d/) d z2 | z4 | z .g/.g/ (g/=B/).B/.B/ |\
(B/c/).c/.c/ (^c/d/).d/.d/ | (d/e/) e z2| z4 | z .c/.c/ (c/e/).e/.e/ |\
(e/g/).g/.g/ (g/c'/).c'/.c'/ | c' z z2 | z4 | !f! z c/d/ e/e/ {f}e/d//c// | g z z2 | \
z !f! [Gd=b] [Gec'] [Gec'] | [Gd=b] z z2 | z [DBf] [EBg] [EBg]| [DBf] z z2| Z2 | \
[Ee]> B [Ee]> B | g2> e2 | [Bb]> g [Bb]> g | [e']2> b2 | g z z2 |\
 z/ c'/c'/c'/ c'//b//a//g// f//e//d//c// | d z [Fdb] z | z/ c'/c'/c'/ c'//b//a//g// f//e//d//c// |\
d z [DBf] z | [EBg] z z//G//A//B// c//d//e//f// | !f!(g/^f/)!p!.g/.g/ !f!(=f/=e/)!p!.f/.f/ |\
 !f! (_e/d/)!p!.e/.e/ !f!(d/^c/)!p!.d/.d/ | !f! (=c/=B/)!p!.c/.c/ !f!(d/^c/).d/.d/ |\
!f! (e/d/)!p!.e/.e/ !f!(d/^c/)!p!.d/.d/ | !f! c/f/f/f/ f/=e//d// c//B//A//G// |\
F z z2 | z [Fca] [Fdb] [Fdb]| [Fca] [Af] [B,Fd] [B,FB] | [A,F] z z2 |\
 z4 | !p! F z F z | F z z .E| .D .D .D .C | .D z z2 | z2 !p! z/ (G//F//) E/(E//D//)|\
C z z2 | Z6 | z2 z/ G//F// E/E//D// | C z z2 | !f! z/ b//b// d'//d'//b//b// a//a//c'//c'// f//f//a//a//|\
b z z2 | z/ b//b// d'//d'//c'//c'// =b//b//d'//d'// g//g//b//b// | c' z z2 |\
 z/ (c'//d'// e') z/ (c'//d'// e') | z/ (a//b// c') z/ (a//b// c') |\
.d'/ !sfz! c' .b/ .b/ !sfz! b b/ | b//d'//b//d'// b a//c'//a//c'// a |\
b//B//c//d// e//d//e//f// g//d//e//f// g//f//g//a// | b z z2 |\
b/ !sfz! a b/ B/ !sfz! B B/ | d d//f//d//f// c c//e//c//e//| [B,Fd] !p! z/ (b/ d) {f}e/d//e//|\
f z z2 | z [EBg] [DBf] z | z !p! z/ (f/A) {c}B/A//B// | c z z2 |\
 z !f! [Fca] [Fdb] z | z [EBg] [DBf] [Fca] | [Fdb] [EBg] [DBf] [Fca] |\
[Fdb] [Fdb] [Fdb] [Fdb] | [Fdb] [DB] [DB] [DB] | [DB] z [Fca] z | [Fdb] z z2 |] 

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