Sinfonia (in F)

Section 1: I. Allegro assai

Part 1: Oboe Primo

T:I. Allegro assai
C:Almeida, Francisco A. de (c.1702-?1755)
V: 1 clef=treble name="Oboe Primo" sname="Ob.I"
%%MIDI program 1 68
%%staves [( 1 )]
[Q:"Allegro assai"] z |fg|az|c'b|ac'|az|eg|ez|fd|gz|gf|ec|e2-|e2|ez|a/>g/f/>e/|d2-|d2|ed|ed|e3/2z//f// | \
   ed|cz/"_trio(?)"e//f//|gf|(e//d//c/)z/ a/|gf|(e//d//c/)z| Z4 | c'2-|c'2|b2-|b2|a2-|a2|g2|fa|az|aa|\
   aa|az|fz|ez| eg|ac'|ac'|a3/2z//b//|ag|f z/"_trio"f//g//| ag|(f//e//d/) z/b/|ag|(f//e//d/) z/d//_e//|f_e| \
   (d//c//B/) z/g/|f_e|(d//c//B/) z/B//c//|dc|(B//A//G/) z/_e/|dc|(B//A//G/) z/e//f//|gf|(e//d//c/) z/a/ | gf|ez| \
   g^f|gz|dc|Bz|fg|az|c'b|ac'|az|eg|ez|fd|gz|gf|ec|e2-|e2|ez|a/>g/f/>e/|d2-|d2|=B2-|B2|Bd|Gz| \
   f_e|dz|Bd|Gz|ee|ez|gg|cz|aa|aa|a3/2z//b//|ag|f3/2 z//B//|AG|Az||[M:C]Z7|] \

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