Sinfonia (in F)


Francisco António de Almeida (c. 1702–1755?) (Wikipedia) was a Portuguese composer and organist. From 1722 to 1726 he was a royal scholar in Rome. He may have died in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755.

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[S1] I. Allegro assai
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[S2] II. Andante e piano sempre
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[S3] III. Allegro
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[P1] Oboe Primo
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S1 P1
S3 P1
[P2] Oboe Secondo
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S1 P2
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[P3] Cornu di Caccia Primo [in F.]
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S1 P3
S3 P3
[P4] Cornu di Caccia Secondo [in F.]
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S1 P4
S3 P4
[P5] Violino Primo
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S1 P5

S2 P5

S3 P5
[P6] Violino Secondo
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S1 P6

S2 P6

S3 P6
[P7] Violetta
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S1 P7

S2 P7

S3 P7
[P8] Basso
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S1 P8

S2 P8

S3 P8

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