Sinfonia (in F)

Section 2: II. Andante e piano sempre

Part 6: Violino Secondo

T:II. Andante e piano sempre
C:Almeida, Francisco A. de (c.1702-?1755)
V: 6 clef=treble name="Violino Secondo" sname="Vl. II"
%%MIDI program 1 40
%%staves [{ 6 }]
[Q:"Andante e piano sempre"] F>GF F2F f2F f2f| g>_ab b>ag a>fc F3| =A>BA AfA Bf/e/_d/c/ B3| \
   =B>cB BgB cg/f/e/d/ c3 | _d>ed d2d_a2da2d | c>dc c2cg2cg2c| =B>cB B2Bf2Gf2G| \
   e>dc c2c c>dc c2 c | c>dc c2 c ^f3-f>gf | "_[check ms: f flat!]" ^f>g a2 g>f e>dc _d>c=B| c>dcc2c c>dcc2c | c>dc c2 c ^f3-f>gf | \
   "_[check ms: f flat!]" ^f>g_a- a>gf e>dc _d>c=B | c2gc2gc2gc2g|c3z2z z6 :: c>dc c2c c'2cc'2c | d>ef f>ed \
   e>cG C3 | =e>fe ec'e f3/2c/_B/A/ F3 | ^f>gf fd'f gd/c/=B/A/ G3 | e>fe e2e e>fe e2e | \
   _a>bc'- c'ba g>fe f>ed | {d}e6- e>fe ec'e |  fc/B/A/G/ "_[check ms]" F3 d>ed dbd| e>fe e>fe e>f_g- gfe | \
   _d>fb {d}!trill!c3 B>cB B2B | \
   b2B b2B c>d_e- e>_dc |_d>cB =e>dc f>gf f2f | f>gf f2f f>gf f2f | =b3-b>c'b _b>c'_d'- d'c'b | \ 
   _a>gf _g>f=e f>gf f2f | f>gf f2f f>gf f2f | \
   =b3-b>c'b _b>c'_d'- d'c'b | _a>gf _g>f=e f2c' f2b | f2c' f2c' f3 z2z :|\

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