Sinfonia (in F)

Section 3: III. Allegro

Part 3: Cornu di Caccia Primo [in F.]

T:III. Allegro
C:Almeida, Francisco A. de (c.1702-?1755)
V: 3 clef=treble name="Cornu di Caccia Primo [in F.]" sname="Cor.I"
%%MIDI program 1 69
%%staves [( 3 )]
[Q:"Allegro assai"][K:C] g2z | (e/>f/g)f | e2z| (e/>f/g)f | e2z|gzz|fzz|gzz|dzz| \
   d2z|z3| f2z|d2z|f2z|gzz|"[*]"gzz|gdd|gdd|add|d3::d2z|d2z|d2z|d2z|Z4|ddd|e3-|ezz|Z| \
W: [*] One extra bar "gzz" removed.
W: [**] This 'd' should be 'c', cf. Cor.II.

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