Works by Manuel Cardoso

Section 5: Gloria, laus et honor (Ingrediente Domino)

Part 1: Superius

T:Gloria, laus et honor (Ingrediente Domino)
C:Frei Manuel Cardoso
V: 1 clef=alto1 name="Superius" sname="S."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [ 1 ]
A2 A _B | A2 A2 | A3/ B/ c c | B c A2 | A2 A A | _B2- A2 | A4 | z2 z A- | A ^G A3/ B/ |
w: In-gre-di-en-te Do---mi-no in  san-ctam ci-vi-ta--tem he--brae-o--
c/A/ _B A A- | A/A/ _B A3/ A/ | ^F/F/ G G =F | E2 z A | A A A2- | A2 ^G2 | z c c2 | 
w: ---rum pu--e-rum re-sur-re-cti-o-nem vi-tae pro-nun-ti-an--tes cum ra-
B A ^G2 | A c2 B | B A G2- | G2 G2 | F2 _B2 | A4 | ^F4 ||    
w: mis pal-ma-rum ho-san-na cla-ma--bant in ex-cel-cis.  

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