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Manuel Cardoso (baptized 11 December 1566 – 24 November 1650) was a Portuguese composer and organist. With Duarte Lobo and John IV of Portugal, he represented the “golden age” of Portuguese polyphony. (Extract from the Wikipedia article:

The scores below were transcribed by students of the Academy of Music José Atalaya (Fafe, Portugal) under the guidance of Teresa Marinho, as described in her internship report (in Portuguese).



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[S1] Panis Angelicus
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[S2] Ecce mulier Chananea
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[S3] Domine, ne recorderis
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[S4] Gloria, laus et honor (Gloria Laus)
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[S5] Gloria, laus et honor (Ingrediente Domino)
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[S6] Tristis est anima mea
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[S7] Velum templi
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Fol 318 278 311 -- -- -- 358
[P1] Superius
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S1 P1

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S3 P1

S4 P1

S5 P1

S6 P1

S7 P1
[P2] Altus
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S1 P2

S2 P2

S3 P2

S4 P2

S5 P2

S6 P2

S7 P2
[P3] Tenor
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S1 P3

S2 P3

S3 P3

S4 P3

S5 P3

S6 P3

S7 P3
[P4] Bassus
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S2 P4

S3 P4

S4 P4

S5 P4

S6 P4

S7 P4
[P5] Superius II
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S1 P5

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