Demetrio a Rodi

Section 2: Demetrio ed Euridice

Part 20: Euridice

T:Demetrio ed Euridice
C:Pugnani, Gaetano (1731-1798)
V: 20 clef=alto1 name="Euridice" sname="Eur."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [[ 20 ]]
Z5 | zz | Z | z2 e/ e/ e/ d// e// | \
w: Lun-gi dal pa-trio
        c/ c/ d/ e/ d// d// A// B// c/ c// d// | B z3 |\
w: Ciel nel tuo cam-po pri-gio-ni-e-ra  qual son...
        Z3 | zz | Z2 | z z z3/4 ^F// B// ^d// ^c// d// | B/ B/ z/ ^d// ^f// f A/ B/ | \
w: Si-gnor, io ben com-pren-do Quan-to deggio al tuo 
        ^G z G/ c/ e/ d// e// | c/ c/ z/ G/ _B/ B/ B/ c/ | A/ A/  z fc/> c/ | A/ A/ \
w: cuor. [si-gnor] Trop-po mi o-nora L'a-mor di'un tan-to Er-oe; ma nel tu-mul-to
     A// A// A// A/// _B/// c/ c/ c/ d// _e// | d/ d/ z _A A/ _B/ | G/ G/ z/ _e/ e/ c/ =A/> _B/ |c/ F/ z3 | \ 
w: De-lle  guer-rie-re im-prese a quest-to pet-to Di-viene a-mo-re in-tem-pes-tivo af-fe-tto.
     z3 z/ A/ | c// c// c// _B// A/ G// F// _B// B// f// _A// z/_B/ |G/ F/ _B _A/ G/ F/ G/ | Z4 |] "_Marcia" \ 
w: Ah Pren-ce, Che mi ri-cer-chi mai?-- Sap-pi... Non pos-so... Ah, las-cia-mi tacer!

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