How to contribute with EasyABC in 5 steps

5 Steps

  • 1 > Click on the image above and install EasyABC;
    • By the way, looking at the picture, how easy is to learn ABC notation? - Pretty simple!
    • More effective and simple examples here!
  • 2 > Install the extension It's All WikiScore! just by dragging it to a Firefox page;
    • Automatically opens EasyABC and the original score (for Firefox only). This step is optional but recommended.

  • 3 > Pick a project matrix cell;

  • 4 > Click Edit this page; (login first!)

  • 5 > Click on the It's All WikiScore! icon, providing the path to EasyABC (or any other editor of your choice!).
    • In case you have not installed the extension in step 2, edit only the content between tags <abc> and </ abc>, more specifically only the musical content (not the ABC header).
    • You can find a link to the original score in the cell page (during step 4).

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