Four Responsories for Matins on Christmas Day


D. Pedro da Esperanca (+24.6.1660) “insignis pulsator organorum” was a cannon regular of the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Coimbra, renowned for its music in the Renaissance and early Baroque period. The legacy of this monastery is now in the archives of the University of Coimbra. Wikiscore wishes to thank the University of Coimbra for permission to use the score available from Coimbra University Press publication nr.34 (1977): ESPERANÇA, Pedro da — Quatro responsórios de Natal, rendered into modern notation by Francisco Faria, who wrote a detailed study of these four works also available in the same publication (in Portuguese). Quote from Gramophone, May 1967, page 74: “The most valuable discovery here is the responses for Matins on Christmas Day by Pedro da Esperanca, musical director of the Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra (in the University Library of which Darlow found the MSS). Each of the four responses here recorded falls into two sections: the first for chorus, with some changeable 6/8-3/4 rhythms, the second for tenor with three highly contrapuntal parts for instruments (specified in the score). These are a pure delight, and are splendidly performed: Ian Partridge, a young tenor who has recently been coming to the fore, adds to his laurels”.

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[S1] Hodie Nobis
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[S2] O Magnum Misterium
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[S3] Beata Dei Genitrix
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[S4] Beata Viscera Mariae Virgins
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[P1] Fagotillo
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S2 P1

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[P2] Violim
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S2 P2

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[P3] Bayxao
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[P4] Guyao
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S1 P4

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[P5] Superius
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[P6] Altus
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[P7] Tenor
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[P8] Bassus
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