Four Responses for Matins on Christmas Day

Section 2: O Magnum Misterium

Part 5: Superius

T:O Magnum Misterium
C:D. Pedro da Esperança (?-1660)
V: 5 clef=alto1 name="Superius" sname="S."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [ 5 ]
   B2|e2| ee|(d2|c)B/A/|B>B|^c2|\
w:O ma-gnum mis-te-----ri-um
   z/A/ A/ A/ | A/ >A/ A/ ^G/- | ^G/ A/G|A/ \
w: et ad-mi-ra-bi-le sa--cra-men-tum
   A/ c/ c/ | B/> B/ c/ G/ | A G/ G/- | G// G// G/ ^F | GB|cB|A^G |A>A| ^G2  !segno!|| \
w: ut a-ni-ma-li-a vi-de-runt Do--mi-num na-tum ja-cen-tem in prae-se-pi-o
   [M:3/2] ^G G G | A2A| z^FF| G>GG | G2G| G3|Gcc-|cBB-|BAA|^G3 |AA2-|A^GG|A3|^G3-|^G3 !fine!|] \
w: Be-a-ta Vir-go cu-jus vis-ce-ra me-ru-e-runt por-ta--re Do--mi-num Chris-tum Do--mi-num Chris-tum
   [M:2/2] E2|E^F| G>F|EA-|A^G/^F/|^G2|Az| Z3 |\
w: A-ve Ma-ri--------a
   A2-|A2|BB| c B/A/ | ^GA-|A^G|A z| Z4 | \
w: A--ve Ma-ri-------a
   zA-|A/ A/ G| ^FG-|G/ ^F//E// F| GG-|G/ G/F|E/D/E/"^[# suggested]"^F/|^GA|AG/F/ | Ez| Z4 | \
w: gra--ti-a ple------na Do--mi-nus te---------cum
     zA-|A/ A/ G| ^FG-|G/^F//E//F| G2 |  \
w: Do--mi-nus te------cum
   zc-|c/ c/ c| A2|c2| BA|GF|EA-|A^G/^F/2 | !fermata!^G2 !segno! |]\
w: Do--mi-nus te-----------cum

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