Four Responses for Matins on Christmas Day

Section 3: Beata Dei Genitrix

Part 6: Altus

T:Beata Dei Genitrix
C:D. Pedro da Esperança (?-1660)
V: 6 clef=alto name="Altus" sname="A."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [ 6 ]
   zE| E>^F| GG|F>F| EE|D2|^C/EE/ | E/> F/ G/ E/ | FE | D>D| DG|GF|E>E|E2 !segno!|| \ 
w:Be-a-ta De-i Ge-ni-trix Ma-ri-a Cu-jus Vis-ce-ra in-ta-cta per-ma-nent in-ta-cta per-ma-nent
   [M:3/2]E>EE|E>EE|zEE|F2F|D2D|EE2-|EDD|^C>CC|zEE|E2E|E2E|!fermata!E3 !fine!|] \
w: Ho-di-e ge-nu-it Sal-va-to-rem sae-cu-li Ho--di-e ge-nu-it Sal-va-to-rem sae-cu-li
   [M:2/2] Z56 !segno! |] \

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