Sinfonia in D# a 8 voci


Davide Perez (1711-1778) was an Italian composer born in Naples who from 1752 onwards became resident court composer at Lisbon. Perez was ranked in his time one of the greatest Italian composers. He staged three operas on librettos of Metastasio at Lisbon with huge success in 1753, 1754, and 1755, the year of the Lisbon earthquake. In his late years Perez turned from opera more to church music. (Adapted from the Wikipedia and other sources.)

This Sinfonia in D# a 8 voci is available from Utile Dulci collection. There are several autographs for the parts. The two flutes were probably added later, as they do not appear in the original score.

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[S1] Allegro [assai]
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[S2] Alla Francese
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[S3] Minuetto
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Fol 1 6 9
[P1] Cornu Primo [in D.]
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S1 P1
S3 P1
[P2] Cornu Secondo [in D.]
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S1 P2
S3 P2
[P3] Flauto Primo
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S1 P3

S2 P3

S3 P3
[P4] Flauto Secondo
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S1 P4

S2 P4

S3 P4
[P5] Violino Primo
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S1 P5

S2 P5

S3 P5
[P6] Violino Secondo
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S1 P6

S2 P6

S3 P6
[P7] Viola
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S1 P7

S2 P7

S3 P7
[P8] Basso
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S1 P8

S2 P8

S3 P8

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