A Vivandeira

Section 2: N.2 Fado (Josepha)

Part 10: Josepha

T:N.2 Fado (Josepha)
C:Fonseca, Eduardo da (1863-1938)
V: 10 clef=treble name="Josepha" sname="Jos."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [[ 10 ]]
  Z3 | z2 z z/A/ |: GAG/AG/ | B B2  A | GAG/A(G/ |1 c)c2- c/ \
w: Se'eu sou-be-ra que vo-an-do al-can-ca-va'o que de-se-jo-~
   A/ :|2  cc2-c/ c/ |ccc/_ec/| _BB2-B/ B/|_AAA/cA/| GG2z/G/| ^FF-F/ _E/ D/ C/ |  \
w: Se'eu se-jo-~ man-da-va fa-zer as az-as-~ que'as pe-nas sao de so-be-jo man-da-va-~ fa-zer as
   G {=e}"ten."e2-e/ e/ | edd/fe/| "(1)""_(1) NB: Joseja entra em cena;ao cantar ainda a palavra ; =sobejo=" d{ed}c2z  |] \
w: a-zas-* que'as pe-nas sao de so-be-jo |

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