A Vivandeira

Section 6: N.6 Impedido

Part 12: Canto

T:N.6 Impedido
C:Fonseca, Eduardo da (1863-1938)
V: 12 clef=treble name="Canto" sname="Can."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [[ 12 ]]
[Q:"Andantino Moderato"]
   z3 || "^[NB: This part contains vocal parts labelled 'Canto';which we don't know how to assign to;a particular character]" \
   D/ F/ A/ B/ A/ F/ | GG2 | E/ G/ B/ c/ B/ G/ | A3 | \
w: Vaes le-var u-ma pi-lo-ta vaes pa-rar ao ca-sa-r\~ao
   D/ F/ A/ B/ A/ F/ | (EA2) |  \  
w: Pr'a sa-ber's co-mo'el-las do-em
   B/ ^A/ B/ c/ B/ E/ | A3 | \ 
w: 'stan-do'al-li em de-ten-\cc\~ao
   D/ F/ A/ B/ A/ F/ | GG2 | \
w: Pa-gas as que nos tens fei-to
   E/ G/ B/ c/ B/ G/ | A3 | \
w: Al-gu-mas t\~ao sem ra-z\~ao
   D/ F/ A/ B/ A/ F/ | E2B | A/B/ A/ F/ E/ F/ | D2"^[sic]"x/ \ 
w: Deus quei-ra que'el-le te d\^e dez di--as de de-ten-\cc\~ao 
   A/ | E D/ F/ E/ A/ | A2F | E E/ F/ E/ F/ | Dzz |]
w: dez   di-as de de-ten-\cc\~ao, dez di-as de de-ten-\cc\~ao.

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