A Vivandeira

Section 7: N.7 Schottisch do 37

Part 12: Canto

T:N.7 Schottisch do 37
C:Fonseca, Eduardo da (1863-1938)
V: 12 clef=treble name="Canto" sname="Can."
%%MIDI program 1 1
%%staves [[ 12 ]]
   z | Z | z2z/!fermata!z/ \
   !p!E || D D/ D/ cc| BB2z | "^[sic]" [B,B]/ [B,B]/ [B,B]/ [B,B]/ BA | G2zF | E A/ B/ cA | edzG| \
w: Cha-mou-me ca-val-ga-du-ra, bur-ro, as-no, pas-pa-lh\~ao... Man-dou-me sa-hir da fren-te que
   FE/ D/ (A/^G/) (A/B/) | G2zB| B/ A/ G/ E/ ^C G | B A2 G | G/ F/ ^E/ F/ ^c d | "^[Cf. piano part]"^c B2z |\
w: me fos-se'em-bo--ra en-t\~ao E'eu sen-do o mais bem man-da-do que este re-gi-men-to en-cer-ra
   B/ ^A/ B/ ^c/ ed | dA-A/ A/ ^G/ B/ | ^c> B AG| BG2z | \
w: fiz a trou-xa num mo-men-to e vou me em-bo--ra p'r\'a ter-ra 
   B/ A/ G/ E/ ^CG| (BA2)G| (G/F/) ^E/ F/ ^cd| (^cB2)z|  \
w: Cum-pro as-sim o meu de-ver e as- or-dens do Ca-pi-t\~a-\�o.
   B/ ^A/ B/ ^c/ ed | (dA2) ^G/ A/ | ^c> B A "[sic]" [Ee] | "[sic]" [Dd]2z  \
w: Vou-m'em-bo-ra du-ma vez-- Vou-m'em-bo-ra pois en-t\~ao 
   E || D D/ D/ cc| (BA2)z | \
w: Cha-mou-me ca-val-ga-du-ra,
   "[sic]" [B,B]/ [B,B]/ [B,B]/ [B,B]/ BA | G2zz| \
w: bur-ro, as-no, pas-pa-lh\~ao...
  E/ E/ A/ B/ cA| (e d-d/) z/ G/ G/  | F/ F/ E/ D/ A/ ^G/ A/ B/ | G zz |] \ 
w: Vou-m'em-bo-ra du-ma vez--- Vou-m'em-bo-ra Vou-m'em-bo-ra pois en-t\~ao. 

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