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Bug Reporting

  • Component: easyABC 1.3.5: note selection in the music score (top window) no longer matches notes in ABC code (used to work in previous versions!)
  • Component: abc2midi - Testing new version...
    • Counter-example: Gloria, Fama, Virtu
      • Bug 1: Some parts don't sound;
        • A cause: blank lines in abc generated by build tool;
        • A cause: lack of midi programs - some cases are nº 39, 43, 49;
          • Solution: installation of a more general (GM/GS) soundfont.
      • Bug 2: Abc rest Zn expands to n * Z, but Z lasts according to the starting M: header and not to the most recent M: change. Fixed
      • Bug 3: Two part unison trills don't seem to be working: cf. !trill!d2 -| d4 , bars 93-94, Tromba I-II, gloria:s1; also need to make sure they expand through bars. Reported!
        • Formally: trill (n - | m) = (trill n ) + + (trill m) should hold.


Improve Current WIKI::SCORE Interface

  • Target Page: Index page of each project - First tests already carried out.
    • Improvement: Completeness feedback/Transcription state of matrix cells
      • Motivation: Easy identification of unfinished/empty excerpts; Agile collaboration

Help/Hints/Faqs Zone

  • One-Day ABC Manual
  • Workflow hints
  • Poduce all-but-one MIDI files
    • Motivation: Musicians can use them at home when training their part;

Plugins to Construct, Integrate, Improve and Adapt

  • xml2abc
    • Plugin Description: Dokuwiki plugin for integration of MusicXML format and conversion to ABC
    • Motivation:
      • “MusicXML is supported to varying degrees by over 160 notation programs” - according to link above;
      • Let the community use their favourite score writing programs to contribute, including Finale, Sibelius, Capella, MuseScore, thus greatly increasing collaboration.
  • abc2xml
    • Plugin Description: Dokuwiki plugin to export MusicXML
    • Motivation: Let collaborators use their favourite score writing programs to complete non-empty music cells;
  • plugin:abc Already implemented and working!
    • Plugin Description: Dokuwiki plugin - please refer to plugin:abc
    • Motivation: Increase response speed when saving an edited page
    • Tasks:
      • Restore plugin:abc in order to use SVG directly (instead of PNG)
        • Compare performance: (e.g.) time abcm2ps | ps2png (Demetrius 1st.violin) VS time abcm2ps -SVG (Demetrius 1st.violin)

Other Improvements

  • 1 - Don't generate the staves of voices that do not play/sing in a given stave system (but always do so in the very first one). Achieved
    • Solution: the abc command %%staffnonote 0 hides the voices that don’t contain notes.
  • 2 - In a stave system, symbols such as !segno! should only turn up in the top stave. This should be a general rule for all symbols placed on top of bar separators; alternatively, the vertical bar could be segmented in the intermediate staves to give room for such symbols.
  • 3 - There should be an alternative to eg. [Q: “Allegro” 1/2=70] or eg. [Q: 1/2=70] not printing the 1/2=70 – just for hidden MIDI pace control. Achieved
    • Solution: the abc command %%writefields Q false sets the tempo without showing it.
  • 4 - UTF-8 problems in EasyABC and when processing directly by abcm2ps. New
    • NB: the output as seen in Builds is ok; already when clicking PDF or SVG we get files with UTF-8 enconding problems.
  • 5 - Include in each cell page a link to the corresponding folio (if any). Tested on: Four Responses for Matins on Christmas Day New
  • 6 - Consider “semitonia sub-intelecta”. New
  • 7 - clef=treble-8 does not have the expected semantics. New
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